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Getting set

10 days and counting. Our escape to le continent is zipping along nicely. Plan is to upload pics and journal for any of our family and friends to follow our adventure. If battling with various blog sites is a qualifying challenge , I think Alzheimer's has not yet taken hold!

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Near the off

Trip 2014

Santiago de Compostela

well that was the original idea, then Bernie had the bright idea that he wanted to revisit his Syria charity route. So we spent the next several months trawling routes to various countries with the idea that we would end up Bulgaria. Things were going very well we were to set off from Roscoff travel down to Le Blanc near Poitiers. Stay a couple of nights at a B&B where we had stayed on previous trip. Then heading east to Bourg en Bresse. Couldn't find a bed and breakfast there and selected one at Montcet. There was the dilemma of which way to cross over into Italy. Decided to go skirting the south of Lake Geneva on to Monza. After a couple of nights there we were originally were going to go to Croatia. Then, searching through Lonely Planet guide book, Bernie came across Bled in Slovenia. First change of plan, or rather second, vis a vis the fact that originally we were going to Northern Spain!
From Bled where we have booked a B&b, we are back tracking down to Croatia . Stopping at Sukosan, Zadar and Then heading inland To Plitvice, which is a lovely forested area with numerous waterfalls.
From there we are driving Pecs in Hungary and then to Arad in Rumania. Finally stopping in Sibiu for five days before going on to our outward post of "very cold turnover"! (Courtesy of SIRI)' Veliko Tarnova. Spell checking is a must, for SIRI has a unique stance on English, endless fun.

Forward planning the stops has been an entertainment on the Internet, brilliant that there are these hotel websites. Now have all our stops on one piece of paper with duration and prices.
We were thwarted going through Croatia to Dubrovnik and onwards to Albania and Macedonia, eventually tracking north to Veliko. .

This was because our insurers would not allow us to take the car through these countries, and whilst we would have risked the car that he went to Syria, there was no way we could risk losing our precious Nissan X Trail. Shame as would have liked to visit Greece.
We are busy preparing picnic baskets and boxes of spares, medical supplies and have yet to start packing. Will there be enough room?
I'm quite intrigued that on some websites they suggest that you contact somebody who wants to go on the same route, and modern version of hitchhiking. But is it safe? It could be very interesting because you would meet all sorts no doubt

Well it's some days since I started this preamble, since when the outward trip is looking pretty settled. Sadly the Balkans have had some foul weather this week, just hope the roads haven't got too bad. But then our potholes grow well too.
Major panic today, to check the tickets and timing of the boat, just as well yours truly had it in mind that we were sailing on the fourth. It is Tuesday the 3rd! Marc will only just be back in the shop, very speedy handover.
The correction of the day meant that I had to rejig the first three bookings, but at least it allows us an extra day to get from Monza to Bled.
Now only THREE days to go, guess what? Chief planner gone down with throat probs. no, not from too much chat, and boy does it hurt. Gotta be up and running.

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